Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hey! Has anyone ever told you that you look like____?!!

Has this ever happened to you? You know, someone meets you and maybe they're a little sloppy (or not) and start being brutally honest with you that your face shares some similiar features with a celebrity? Okay, sometimes, that's not a compliment either.

I really got to thinking about this lately. It's happened quite a lot to me. Here's who I've been told I look like:

Jennifer Aniston (yeah!)
Kathy Griffin (umm, yeah.)
Alannis Morrisette (okay, I guess.)
Gillian Anderson (the redhead from XFiles)
Vitamin C (okay, I don't know who she is either.)
Punky Brewster (now or when she was Punky Brewter- before or after breast reduction?)

Okay. So, some of these people I can sort of see a bit of resemblance. When Friends was starting to become a big hit and had been working in coffee shops, I got a lot of the "hey you look like Jennifer Aniston" comments. It went away after I lost the "Rachel" 'do. But then it started coming back. I was working as a preschool teacher when I'd decided enough with trying to grow this hair out and chopped it off into a nice bob. Then another teacher, a strange one who one day brought a picture of her dead cat to school to show me, said, "Hey, why did you cut your hair? Are trying to look like Jennifer Aniston or something? I mean, cause you look exactly like her." Okay, then. Like I said, she was a bit of a freak.

When I used to work in a cafe back when I was still sporting the "rachel", this regular customer came in for a cuppa and swore that I looked "just like that girl from Suddenly Susan!!!" Which one? "Oh! I can't think of her name...but you look just like her!" Oooh! Brooke Shields? (Who I look nothing like, but I'll take it. "No, the redhead spitfire!" That would be Kathy Griffin. Now, I really like Kathy Griffin. But don't get me excited saying that I look like the Suddenly Susan chick and it turns out it's the goofy comic relief. Thanks.

My mom is the one who swears that I look like Gillian Anderson. I can see that a little. And since I loved the XFiles, I could live out my Mulder fantasies by watching my lookalike investigate the paranormal side by side.

I was in the flats (Cleveland bar and club district) when a very drank albeit very cute band guy was going nuts over me and calling people over to take a poll on how much I looked like Alanis Morrisette. What do you do with yourself in that kind situation?

Back to preschool teacher times. I had some highlights put in and one afterschool kid about ten years old started yelling to his freinds that I looked like Vitamin C. Then a couple of the girls agreed with him and became incredibly hyper jumping around me saying that I looked like Vitamin C. I guess that's a good thing if it's cold and flu season.

And lastly, I've been told that I looked like Punky Brewster for eons. I don't know if people think I look like her now as a little kid or that I look like the current Punky Brewster all grown up. Perhaps it's that little red bandana I always have tied around the knee of my jeans.


At 19 October, 2005, Blogger micycle tricycle said...

I am told quite often that I resemble Barry White - just don't quite see the resemblance, though. Huh.


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