Monday, December 05, 2005


Need more coffee. Ran out of Coffee-Mate. Can't drink coffee without Coffee-Mate. Must buy more Coffee-Mate so I might have another cup of deliciously artificially flavored French Vanillia coffee. And what the hell do the french really know about vanilla? What's the difference between that and plain vanilla? Doesn't matter, because without it, the coffee will be a black, bitter, hot cup of crap. If I don't get more Coffee-Mate for my coffee I'll start having caffeine withdrawl headaches. Please somebody help me for the love of GOD. I can't get to the store now, I'm still in my jammies, and I can't get out of my jammies untill I've had a good cup of coffee. I may never live to see another day without a headache or the strength to get out of my pj's.


At 10 December, 2005, Blogger micycle tricycle said...

You know, it is times like this and when I run out of milk that for a split second, I think about mixing flour with water and trying that.. because flour + water = white liquid.

I never do try it, but always wished it worked..


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