Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The President's Pardoned Turkey.

So, I just heard that Georgie-boy pardoned a turkey from being plucked, stuffed, devoured, and reheated for leftovers. Good for that turkey.

Now what about the others?

You know what I hate more than anything about this time of year? When some jerky guy starts making comments to a live turkey on TV about how "he'd better make a run for it", or "hey, you'd look fabulous on a platter with an apple stickin' outta yo' mouth", or something along those lines. How low do have to go to start hazing your future meals?

I think the same can be said for this hick I saw at the county fair we took our three year old son to this Summer. We were looking at ponies and chickens when someone squealed (yes, I know) about how cute the baby piglet was (now you get it?). I picked up Jack so that he could get look at the newborn little spotted pig with his mother when some asshole stepped in next to us with a beer in hand and turned to his buddy to say, "Hey, Earl! Get a load of this! This little piggy's got some real tender pork chops I like to put some sauce on!"

Oy. What can you do with these people? So half turned in his direction and said passive-aggressively, "Nice, real nice." But he didn't hear me, instead he moved on to drool over a lactating cow.

Happy Thanksgiving. And think of me and the poor turkeys (sp?) sacrificed for our day of glutton....I'm doing better than our feathered friends but I am doing all the cooking this year, wish me luck.


At 23 November, 2005, Blogger No_Newz said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
You know the mousetraps you posted about below... the mice here are smarter than me. They hold the door open for each other. They mock me I swear they do! And my lazy cats, puh-lease. LOL!
Lois Lane

At 24 November, 2005, Blogger micycle tricycle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Deb! Wow, look how happy that toikey is with George.. speaking of cunnilingus..

Are you a vegemetarian? If so, have you tried the fantastic Quorn brand fake turkey? It's so convincing that even meat eaters fall for it.


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