Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello? Is it me you're looking for....

Okay, it's been about a week and, oh, so much has happened. I suppose you want to hear about it, now.

  • I buried a chickadee.
  • I ate too much refined sugar and it has thrown my organic food consuming body into a spin causing me to have night sweats.
  • I have baked a lot of cookies.
  • I have some kind of spasm in my back from raking leaves.
  • I went to the eye doctor.
  • I went to the library.
  • My books finally arrived from eBay.
  • Only one of my handbags sold on eBay, with all the advertising fees verses the profit, I broke even.
  • I carved a pumpkin, it is sitting outside and molding away quite nicely.
  • I gave candy to the 3 trick-or-treaters that showed up and realized that once again I bought too much candy for fear that if I didn't buy enough the trick-or-treaters would turn on me.
  • We drove around to look at houses for sale.
  • I've been watching too many ghost shows and am convinced there is a ghost in our house. Or at least the one that turns on the attic light every once in a while for no reason at all.


At 07 November, 2005, Blogger micycle tricycle said...

DEB! Great to see you back, you had us all worried sick! Glad to hear your life has been aboot as hi-octane as mine as of late. TOADILLY awesome Lionel Richie reference by the way.. That album cover reminds me of my sister who cranked it non-stop back in the day whilst making french toast for us all up narth. I think she actually went to see Lionel and Tina Turner on that tour too. Lucky ducky. No fair.


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