Friday, October 21, 2005

My old popcorn maker

more on that later...

The Old Popcorn Maker in Question...

This morning my old popcorn maker was a featured news story on Fox & Friends.It all started with Steve Doocey (first guy on the left) complaining about how he couldn't find any bags of raw loose corn popping kernels at the grocer's.

They only carried that new-fangled microwaveable kind.

Then, I remembered that I, too, appreciate the old fashioned popcorn making traditions of our ancestors. In fact, I'd made a bowl of the white fluffy munchies only last night. It was the first official homemade kettle corn of the Autumn season in our household.

Unfortunately, I decided to try out a new expensive gourmet brand of black kernels. It sounded exotic and tempting so I bought it. But it was horrible and full of tough shells that did little for the pallette but leave it wondering what the hell was I trying to ingest. It wreaked havok on our gums forcing us to floss immediatley after eating and picking out contact lens sized husks from between our teeth.

So here's the email I sent to Fox:

Debbie Cakes to friends
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7:23 am (3½ hours ago)

Hi Guys;

Come on, you knew that some loser was going to write in about how they have one of those old popcorn makers.Mine has been passed down a few generations. It's old, it's electric (believe it or not) and is on the brink of destruction. My sister and I fought over the rights to it and somehow I won.
It makes the best popcorn. Orville Redenbacker's got nothing on me.By the way, I just happened to break out the old girl last night and used a new popcorn kernel brand called "Black Jewel". It sounded exotic, but instead was horrible and expensive. Just thought you should know, Steve.

Alright people, back to the real news....

Deb @#$%^}$#%^&(! ,

P.S.I have a picture of it, but I doubt you're that interested...


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