Friday, August 04, 2006

Gone tanning.

Again, thanks for stopping by and checking out my little place, even though my posts have been absolute crap as of late. I appreciate the passerbys (hmm, that's a word...) from my landlady, Janet, and yes, the old folks like David A. are always fun to have swing by.

Since I will be on vacation this next week, it would behoove you to not only check out my renter GreenTeaRocks, but also all the Smiling Liars (which includes the forementioned David Amulet who is the official Daily Show anchorman of Blogger) and a ton of other great blogs as well. I would start to name them all off, but sheeyoot, don't wanna leave anyone out.

And if you really wanna, and I would also highly recommend getting your hands dirty and reading the archives, maybe even like the first month or two I started this thing. Those old ass posts have no comments. Go comment the hell out of them if you want. Or not. Whichever.

In conclusion, have a nice week and I've been waiting a long fucking time to work behoove into a conversation.

Thank you.



At 05 August, 2006, Blogger Tai said...

Way to use behoove! Nicely done.

Oh..and have a great vacation!

At 06 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It behoofs me, therefore, to wish you a happy vacation!

At 08 August, 2006, Blogger Kim said...

lol, i love behoove.

have a nice time on vacation!

At 10 August, 2006, Blogger David Amulet said...

You are too kind. And I'm not that old!!

I hope you are enjoying your time away.

-- david

At 13 August, 2006, Blogger Rocky said...

You're in the behoove groove... Enjoy your vacation.

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