Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day!" like an angry screaming man

I woke up with a beauty of a migraine this morning. Where's the codeine? Get me the fucking codeine. Now! I only said inside my pounding head as not to frighten the child. I don't need a blubbering three year old on top of my hurting head.

While forcing pills down my throat, which is not easy when you're nauseas, I saw a Valentine's card and a cd on the counter next to the coffee maker. First, I thought Awwww. Then I thought Crap! because I forgot to leave John's card out for him. Oh, well. Let's see what we got over here... The Nine Inch Nails cd I told him I wanted! Sweet!

Of course, I got to thinking, that this may not sound very romantic to most girls, but it is to me. John's not one for standing in front of crowds of people and shouting "I... LOVE... THIS... WOMAN!" causing many white doves to fly up and almost shit on our heads and then gingerly pull a ring out his pocket after I ask him what's up with the psychotic behavior. So, the fact he remembered that I'd mentioned that the new NIN cd sounded pretty good in the car a few days ago, was as sweet as could be.

And what wouldn't put a girl in the mood like Trent Reznor screaming at top of his lungs? That's hot. Okay, I did have a big crush on him about ten years ago, but I've always had a thing for disturbed people. Especially disturbed people who put their disturbed feelings into a peice of music or slap in onto a canvas. Expression through art, I get. People talking about their feelings and not raising their voice the slightest bit, I don't.

When I need to get something off my chest, painting, writing, or just stewing in a pot of my own depression with a pinch of animosity stew is what I do. It just feels right.

By the way, WITH TEETH rocks.

Happy Valentine's Day to all ya lucky lovers.

And if you're not so lucky, just know this; the boy who is geeky in high school will be cute when he grows up. I'd show you a picture of John, but he won't be too happy with me if I do, but I have seen his yearbook picture, and all I can say is teeheehaha.
But I will give you this instead:


At 15 February, 2006, Blogger Webmiztris said...

omg, that pic is hysterical! I love trent.... :) that's an excellent valentine's present if you ask me....


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