Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blog Hopping & Paying It For(ward) No Reason At All

I recently (an hour or so ago) put up a FOR RENT sign, and a bunch a people just started beating down my door. Well, since I could only take in one of ya's, I thought I'd give a little something to the folks who didn't make the cut:

Now out of the six bids, a couple of the blogs just weren't going to be associated with me or a tiny thumbnail size rental spot on my blog for that matter. For starters, one had a gianormous picture of Carrie Underwood (American Idol! Oh, pleeeease.) and another that was by this loser Merv the Perv guy with a picture of an unfamous skanky-looking girl whose reason for having a huge photo layout on his blog left me quite disturbed and I really didn't hang around to see long enough to find out the reasoning behind the skank scrapbook....Eeew.

Then there were a couple others that I found to be interesting enough that maybe when I've got nothing better for you to read about (which is often, lately, let's be honest.) you might just wanna move yer mice on over to.

The first is Coffee Stoned, whatever the reason, I liked it. It left me with a feeling of freshed brewed bewilderment. It had sort of a cozy cafe feel to it. Seems like a groovy bunch, so, go on and check it out, will ya?

And the second is Haunted House Dressing. It's little bit spooky, it's a little bit "Huh?" and "What the fuck?". The way I see it, anyone who is willing to stage a live fingerpuppet show that reads like a Sunday's comic strip about a pumpkin, rotten banana, and a black cat is definetely worth investigating further.

And since we're being all nicey nice and promoting other people's blogs for no good reason at all, you should be checking out who rented thst little spot over to your right.....Nonsensical Flounderings, they're not so bad either, and that's why I accepted their bid. And those bitchy bitches gave him 4 smacks, and to be smacked around like you're a bitch's bitch is a good thing in their fuckyaverymuch world.

You should also be taking a look-see at some of the new additions on the "Other Liars" list. Some of these folks have been listed there for quite a time now, but I added some fresh new talent I think needs to be associated with smiling and lying and whatever it is I'm doing here.

The newbies, in no particular order would be Horace Finkle, a 13 year old ghost that's sort of being put upon by his mother and school classmates who recently TP'd his house, a mess he later was ordered by that foremetioned pain-in-the-ass mother to clean up. No fair, but funny, and don't ask me to explain how the paranormal are blogging these days.

Also, there's Mommy Matters, a mom, a woman (der?), a writer, and a funny read for the most part. And now I may not know too much about templates, but her's does rock the kasbah (sp????).

We've also got Spinster War Diaries. Okay, anyone willing to take the preemptive strike to go ahead a refer to themselves as a spinster is so not one. You can go ahead and assume that she's as cute as can be, almost always has a funny little ditty posted along with about 583 loyal commentators following her every move, and I believe she's still in her twenties. So why, you ask, don't I just start calling myself an old lardass and fish for compliments, now? A popular blog and a good one at that.

And lastly Ah, yes, medical school, a blog that became one of those overnight sensations due to Blogger's Blogs Of Note is on the list, too. So you've probably seen it before, and this guy needs no more publicity, but I'll betcha ya didn't know....that he linked back to little ole me in Ask the Fake Doctor Part 3. It was in regards to my rant about Grey's Anatomy. And so besides being an entertaining, educational, and sometimes "Warning:Reading Some Entries May Cause Mini-Throwup", he's pretty cool just for that link. So there.


At 13 February, 2006, Blogger Lindsey said...

Awwww. You are so sweet. Thank you for such kind words and the advertising.

At 14 February, 2006, Blogger Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Yes, thanks for the intro, and the chance to rent space, by the way the light bulbs need changing and there is a funny smell coming from the closet.



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