Thursday, March 30, 2006

Easily Amused. That's me.

In a few minutes, The Office will be on. My favorite new show. This makes me love Thursday.

These are the things in life that make me happy. That and my fat ass catlksa fm just caused me to make a huge fuckin typo I will leave in because she insisted on sitting her little fat furry ass next to me. Climbed all over the laptop, stepped on my pinky, and I just got a nice whiff off her butt aromatics. Thanks, Lucy.

See, she does this because, Molly, is sleeping next to me already. Lucy is insanely jealous of Molly, the newer, younger, thinner, stripy-er version of her. Lucy smacks poor Mollycat with an open paw when she gets more attention. She's driving a wedge between us all because of her own insecurity.

Dear Lucy the cat,

You're still my first cat. I bought you with my own money and you were my first roommate in my very first apartment. We will always have that.

But lately, you have been getting too possesive. It's not exactly a good look for you. Not sexy, not sexy at all.

I still heart you, but you need to lighten up, I am not your bitch. In fact really, it should be the other way around, even though you're not a female dog, but a cat instead.

Anyway, I think we both know what I'm talking about, here.


Deb, your master and don't you forget it.


At 30 March, 2006, Blogger Some Girl said...

My cat rules me. Its really quite pathetic....

At 31 March, 2006, Blogger 3rd Times a Charm said...

Lucy is chuckling right now, with a knowing look of, "but you serve me, and are here for my comfort."

I do love a kitty's sense of entitlement. It makes them that much more charming. ;-)


At 31 March, 2006, Blogger Kim said...

lol, time to take away the cat nip... yours too.

At 01 April, 2006, Blogger mommy on the verge said...

I love the Office too! It just keeps getting better and better...Steve Carell is hilarous. I also love my cats, sometimes more than my kids...:0

At 02 April, 2006, Blogger Rocky said...

Ha! Loved this post! Reminds me of my "oldest" Frankie, who will be giving her younger brother Ringo a bath one second and opening a can of kitty whoop ass on him the next.

At 06 April, 2006, Blogger JJ said...

LMAO! My dog who I've had for 8 years is pulling this jealousy thing over a rat. A RAT that only gets attention in the evenings when its flipping awake! Ugg. Pets!


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