Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The wrong kind of earholes

Those new fangled iPods are all the rage and so are these things called "ear buds". Let me start off by saying these cheap flimsy new age headphones are no buds of mine.

I realized the postpartum weightloss by osmosis phase is sort of over now and I have to actually do the work to lose these last twelve pounds. So I strapped on my sneaks and borrowed John's iPod. When I got to the metroparks I struggled to get the thing turned on. When I got that figured out, I put the earbuds in. One stayed in and one fell out. I put the one that fell out back in and a few minutes later the other popped out.

Now they were both in but felt like they were both abou to fall out the whole time. Especially the left one. I kept holding it to my ear as if I was recieving late breaking news. I knew it was only a matter of time before the other one would start giving me a hard time and I wondered how stupid would it look to walk holding my hands to both ears with the iPod dragging behind me.

No matter how push, shove, and screw them into my ear, the ear buds won't stay in. The only other times I ever used it was sitting down and they would stay in a little better but now that I was walking the vibration from every step shook the bud loose.

Maybe I shouldn't clean out my ears so much. Maybe these people I see running with earbuds on have sticky, waxy ears. Maybe I got the wrong kind of earholes.

I've had a similar problem with my hands-free earphone. It comes with a clip to hang on top of your ear, but that doesn't make it any more secure on my deformed anatomy.

So I'll just have to make do with these ear peices. Everytime I insert these things I'll just do my best to not move my head too much and walk as stiffly as possible. Otherwise I can expect the earbuds to act like a couple of suicidal mental cases standing on the ledge of my ear threatning to jump unless I talk them back into my ear with the use of my finger.


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