Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dishwasher Dangerous

My mother-in-law has all these plates and I’m not sure if any of them were actually purchased by her or received as a wedding gift, because they always seem to be her mother’s. They’re really lovely plates but they’re always referred to as "old", at least according to her.

So when I’m there and I happen to be helping with the dishes, I always have to ask whether or not certain plates and bowls can go into the dishwasher. Because you just don’t know. And I certainly don’t want to be responsible for ruining a set of dishes that once belonged to my grandmother-in-law, so to speak.

Some of these plates have got to be over fifty years old. I know some of these pieces weren’t prepared for the harsh conditions of a dishwasher. Or maybe it’s vice versa. They’re not "dishwasher safe", in fact they’re "dishwasher dangerous". Dishes may explode in the wash and perhaps the dishwasher will blow up and burst into flames.

There’s always this temptation for me, to see what exactly is so taboo about certain dishes going in. Now, I’m not about to try such a risky experiment with someone else’s belongings, but if I come across a dish that I’m willing to take a chance on one of these days, believe me I will.


At 20 September, 2006, Blogger Rootietoot said...

Go to your local Salvation Army store and buy a couple. I washed some Old and valuable plates one time. The only thing that blew up was my mother.

At 20 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh, it's like Russian Roullette except that it's different. And with plates, not bullets. So it's not like that at all. I'm sorry.

At 27 September, 2006, Blogger Middle Child said...

Go for it Joe but like rootietoot ( ha ) says use someone elses plates or go to the Sallies...I fried mu husband's dead mother's pearl knife handles in our dishwasher and my oh my what a probleme that caused... talk about lightening bolts from hell!

At 28 September, 2006, Blogger Kim said...


I put my grandma's "good plates" in the dishwasher once, because I'm a lazy ass. The plates survived, but the silver edge that made it a pretty plate disappeared with the rinse water. I'm not sure Grandma ever recovered from that.


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