Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Debbiecakes, new and improved.

It's been awhile and I'm sure all of you gave up on me. In fact, I'm quite sure the forementioned "all of you" have moved on with your lives and forgotten about me. Perhaps you thought it just a case a really bad writer's block and kept hitting the refresh button in hopes to find something other than my rant about what dishes are safe for the dishwasher, but eventually after your finger cramped up and recovered from physical therapy, you just threw in the towel.

Or you might have assumed that I got a bad case of food poisoning, died, mourned my death, searched the internet for any news on me, but then decided that weeping over the loss of my blog posts wasn't going to do anybody any good. You instead proceded to celebrate my blog life and the Debbiecakes you came to know and love. You thought of me and smiled looking up to the sky, bravely thinking I made it up to heaven unscathed. And you went on thinking of the good times we had instead of being sad, because you knew that that's how I would have wanted it. Bless your little heart.

But I'm back from the dead, in fact what's been up with me has been sort of the opposite of death. I'm a born again!

No, no, no. Actually, I'm creating life as we speak. But being pregnant doesn't always agree with me and I've spent the most of these last thirteen weeks with my head in a toilet. I'm starting to feel better and actually having an appetite once in a while in between the severe hormonal headaches and throwing up. And after all those attempts to lose a few pounds to make those jeans a little less tight, all I needed was some good old morning (noon and night) sickness. I'm happy to report I've lost six pounds. I know it won't last, but I'll brag about it, because damnit, my jeans fit great. I hope I don't gain fifty pounds like I did with Jack, but there's just no telling what lies ahead. But for now, I hope to keep my saltines down and I will try to keep things up to date on here.