Sunday, August 12, 2007

Acid Tripping Cat Food NOT Recalled.

There's a new cat food commercial I see every once in a while I find a leetle inapropriate given the bad rap cat and dog food has gotten in the news lately. This cat runs up to it's food bowl to take bite in what appears to be a normal kitchen. But once the cat swallows, the room melts away into Willy Wonka land. The announcer cheerily talks about "delighting your cat's senses" with the new colors and textures and smells and tastes that this new "food" (acid) has to offer.

Dude, when have either of my cats complained that their food wasn't exciting enough? Their only requirement is that it's there. If anything, they should be complaining about having to eat next to the litter box. "Is it too much to ask for a little atmosphere, here? Sheesh, I'm starving and all I can smell is my own poo."

But if catfood laced with hallucinagenics is the way to go, maybe I should let Lucy and Molly give it a try. They might have a little fun jumping across animated rocks in a technicolor river all while chasing after a sparkling butterfly that smells like tuna fish, just like the kitty on tv.