Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Has it been 9 months yet????

No. No it has not, but my uterus says otherwise. I'm the size of (a house, a bloated house) 35 week pregnant woman even though I'm 30 weeks along as of yesterday. I've got to try and make it to 36 weeks, and for those who aren't in the prego loop or familiar with the lingo, a regular singleton (one baby) pregnancy is supposed to last 40 weeks. So it's all a bunch of lies when they say "9 months". Lies, I tell you. Do the math and 40 weeks divided by 4 weeks in a month comes out to 10 months.

Enough algebra for today.

Just got back from the doctor's and thought maybe I'd update my way out of date and neglected dusty ole blog. I bet the next time you'll hear from me is when all the kids have moved out if I haven't kicked them out first.

I'm gonna give it a shot and try to be a little more present here but don't hold your breath.
Let's just shoot for a once a weeker, mmkay?